I would like to help

There are several ways to help, get involved and support Riders Minds. 

Some of the most powerful ways you can help are:

Share the message

  • Let’s talk mental health.
  • It’s OK to talk mental health and mental ill health.
  • It’s OK to not be OK.
  • It’s OK to seek support if/when you need it.
  • To look after mental health as we do physical health.
  • Apply riders’ care for, and awareness of, their horses to themselves.
  • Riders to get to know their signs of stress and/or character, temperament, behaviour changes as they do of their horses.
  • Encourage understanding of what mental health is… and what it isn’t, to further help reduce fear and stigma.
  • Share your experiences of, say, resilience, decision making, overcoming setbacks and challenges.

Spread the word

  • Tell others about Riders Minds!
  • Support, like, share any Riders Minds social media campaigns.
  • Beyond riders too, as mental health affects us all.
  • Remember and remind mental health isn’t mental ill health! They are different not interchangeable.
  • Action is better than suffering in silence.


Contribute to My Story page or to News & Campaigns

We’d love to hear your stories. They not only inspire and encourage others, but reinforce the message sharing.

Whether about your mental ill-health, how you manage a long-term condition, a disability, or how you managed or dealt with a personal/professional challenge, a stressful situation or stress in general, or how you keep cool, calm and collected, all are welcome!

Watch out for upcoming social media around News & Campaigns you could contribute to.


Have Courageous Conversations 

  • Either if/when you feel you’re struggling


  • Ask, and ask twice if you sense or know someone else is struggling.



Listen if someone opens up to you

…..and signpost them to Riders Minds and the Support Line



Sponsor or donate

If you are interested in sponsoring Riders Minds, please contact us at

Donate your time by: 

  • Having mental health/ill-health conversations with other riders
  • Taking time out to speak with someone who’s struggling
  • Listening, being patient, having compassion
  • Contributing stories to Riders Minds
  • Sharing your mental health and/or mental ill-health experiences
  • Being part of our developing story by following Riders Minds on social media

Come on board

If you’re impassioned by our work and want to boost what we do, why not consider being a trustee? Please contact us at if this is of interest to you.